Escort Etiquette: 10 Things Not to Do with an Escort

Confessions of an Australian Escort

Now that you’ve scheduled an appointment with a gorgeous escort, there is some basic etiquette you need to keep in mind before, during and after your appointment. Here are my tips for ensuring a great experience for both of you.

  • 1. Don’t arrive drunk: There’s a difference between having a few drinks to calm your nerves and turning up to meet the escort, slurring and too drunk to even take your pants off. If you turn up drunk, you can expect the escort will just turn around and leave. Dealing with someone who’s drunk is a pain and often dangerous for escorts.
  • 2. Don’t haggle: Don’t ever try and negotiate rates, unless the escort specifically mentions on her website that she’ll negotiate (very rare). The quickest way to turn an escort off is to try and reduce what she’s charging, or worse, to try and score a freebie. You don’t negotiate rates with a doctor, so don’t expect to with the escort.
  • 3. Don’t ask for photos that show her face: If an escort hasn’t provided photos on her website that show her face, then it’s unlikely she’ll want to share her face with you before you meet. Respect her privacy, and if not seeing her face before you meet is a deal breaker for you, find another provider who will show her face.
  • 4. Don’t turn up with poor hygenie: You’ll be surprised at how many clients don’t shower before they show up. Poor hygiene is an escort’s biggest pet peeve. Treat your appointment like a date, even if it’s a professional one.
  • 5. Don’t stand her up: If you have changed your mind about an appointment and want to cancel, do it as early as you can and don’t wait until the absolute last second. If you need to legitimately cancel and reschedule, let her know up front that you want to reschedule and for what date. This will show the escort that you’re serious and she’s more likely to let you book again.
  • 6. Don’t ask for services that the escort doesn’t offer: Don’t ask the escort to provide services that she has said she won’t do. By nagging her, you’re showing a total lack of respect of her boundaries. Not cool.
  • 7. Don’t be rude to an escort: Escorts are human beings with emotions, feelings and a life outside providing a professional service to clients. True, you are paying her for her services, but that doesn’t give you the right to be mean or rude to her.
  • 8. Don’t invite your mates: Unless you’ve organised a gangbang, don’t surprise your escort by bringing a bunch of your mates because you can be 100% sure that the escort will just turn around and leave.
  • 9. Don’t ever ask her to go without a condom: Even though we hear it all the time, it’s still as annoying and infuriating each time. Asking an escort whether it’s okay to forgo the condom, makes you look like a fool and is insulting, not to mention, completely unsafe.
  • 10. Don’t ask stupid questions: Under no circumstances should you ask what her boyfriend thinks about her job, how long she’s been doing this, how much money she makes and what her real name is. These are very personal and patronising questions, so don’t ask them unless you’re prepared to answer equally embarrassing questions in return, such as: What does your wife think about this and how long have you been doing this.

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By Mia

3 October, 2014

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