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Confessions of an Australian Escort


Either my online escort advertising is working or my clients are freely recommending me to their friends because I was in high demand this weekend.

By Saturday morning, I already had two clients begging to see me. The first one was with this guy I’ve seen before who is super kinky. As per his instructions, I arrived around midday and let myself in using the key he specially had cut for our sessions. When I entered the room, I saw him naked and on his knees. He was handcuffed, blindfolded and had a sheepish smile on his face. His cock stiffened at the sound of my stilettos clicking against the floor as I walked towards him. I pulled out my riding crop and ran it up the front of his thighs, giving his balls a light slap as I trailed it up to his chest. Then I stood in front of him, positioning my latex catsuit in front of his face and gripped his hair so he couldn’t lick or touch me. It took about 5 seconds before he quickly shot his load all over my heels. Well, that was easy.

The next client I saw on Saturday was a new guy who told me he was in town for business (or so he said) and asked me to meet him at his hotel at 8pm. He was very assertive in his text messages to me and even told me what he wanted to wear. But when I arrived, he was very shy and timid. I wasn’t worried though, many men lose all their words when they’ve got a stunning escort standing in front of them. I got him out of his shell pretty quickly though. As he sat on the edge of the bed, he tried to make awkward small talk. Talking about the rain will not get me wet. I walked over to him, hiked my dress up and straddled him before kissing him deeply and putting his hands on my breasts. I then whispered in his ear that I had been thinking about how badly I wanted him to take me from behind against the window so everyone could see. I took his grin as a yes. We didn’t need words for the rest of our time together.


My appointment for Sunday was an interesting one. I was booked for a threesome with a musician who’s in town, who told me to bring “an equally hot, if not hotter” escort friend. When all your friends are escorts, it’s not hard to find a hot one, nor is it hard to find one willing to party with a rock star. Like all typical threesome bookings, the rock star wanted us to put on a show for him together before dedicated our mouths and attention to him. He said he’d never been with an Australian escort and after our performance, says he’ll definitely bring the band back.

After the rock star, I received a text from a sweet regular whose schedule had just freed up and asked if I’d like to spend the night with him. It was exactly what I needed. We spent the night watching movies, cuddling and talking before having incredible shower sex. What a weekend! Here’s hoping I can squeeze a day off next week but my schedule is looking pretty packed…

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By Mia

12 July, 2014

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