The Myth and Reality of the Girlfriend Experience

Confessions of an Australian Escort

I’m lucky in that one of my favourite services to offer, happens to be one of my most requested. I’m talking about The Girlfriend Experience, or the ‘GFE’.

There’s this joke about the GFE that goes, “She gave me the full Girlfriend Experience – I sat and watched sport on the TV while she read a magazine, then complained the house was messy and finally refused to have sex with me because she had a headache. Best $600 I’ve ever spent!”.

Probably not far from the truth in some households but to an escort who’s well versed in executing GFE’s, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

A GFE isn’t necessarily all about the sex, rather it dictates the tone of the booking. GFE’s tend to be more intimate and passionate than a regular booking and involves a lot more kissing and affection.

How you want your GFE fantasy to run it entirely up to you. Sometimes I’ll start out at a hotel or restaurant with a gent, just like any other date, and we’ll spend time enjoying each other’s company through dinner and drinks before heading back to his room and tearing each other’s clothes off like horny teenagers. Other times it might be as simple as listening to a client tell me about their day while I listen and massage them.

A GFE is the bells and whistles that lead up to the sex. Many men request them because they receive my undivided attention, admiration, interest and respect and I am able to capture the chemistry and infatuation stage of a relationship, as it culminates with the sex. A good GFE should never be rushed. Another allure to the GFE is that unlike a ‘real’ budding relationship, there’s no expectation after sex and no “Why didn’t you call me?” teary texts.

While some escorts aren’t a fan of the GFE, I love them. I’m the best part-time girlfriend in Australia! I genuinely enjoy the feeling of playing passive but ultimately being in control of someone’s pleasure. I love looking up at a man who is sitting there, his cock twitching in anticipation, while he waits for me to work my magic over him.

A great Girlfriend Experience can leave a man feeling confident, psychologically empowered and like someone gives a damn about him. Because I do.

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By Mia

29 August, 2014

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