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Confessions of an Australian Escort

Working as an escort in Australia for the last few years, means I have met many different types of men and although it isn’t possible to categorise all of them, you could say that most of them fall into certain groups and share similar traits. The type of clients I most frequently encounter as an escort include:

Mr Nice Guy: Every escort loves a Mr Nice Guy. These clients are always friendly, enjoy the companionship as much as the sex and tend to book regularly. They’re drama-free and respectful of an escort’s boundaries. You can’t really ask for a better client.

Mr Hobbyist: Some men who hire escorts treat it almost as they would a hobby, hence being known among sex workers as ‘hobbyists’. These guys call for an escort in the same way some people order a pizza. Seeing escorts makes up a substantial part of their lives and it’s not uncommon for them to be registered users on escort websites and escort forums. Hobbyists tend to take a lot of time selecting and researching escorts before they will book and often select women based on the sexual services they offer, such as, two girl shows, girlfriend experience, pearl necklaces, etc.

Mr Kinky: This type of client is the archetypal naughty boy. He’s got a glint in his eye and a penchant for indulging his kinky side. Typically, a Mr Kinky is into exploring the layers of BDSM. From spanking and role play to school uniforms and bondage, this client likes to play. While he might appear like a regular guy from the outside, in the bedroom, an escort will soon learn that he’s very drawn to the taboo.

Mr Lonely: Let’s face it, a lot of men decide to hire an escort because they’re lonely. For a true Mr Lonely though, sexual gratification is only a small percentage of why he uses to hire an escort. Usually this type of guy is older, works a lot and might feel neglected at home. He just wants someone to listen and make him the centre of attention. Be careful though, sometimes Mr Lonely’s will try and overstep the escort/punter agreement and might mistake you for doing your job with general affection. Just make sure you’re clear about the boundaries of your relationship and cut him loose if he becomes too attached.

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By Mia

05 Sept, 2014

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