A Guide to Marketing Yourself for Escorts

Confessions of an Australian Escort

Many escorts, especially those who are fairly new to the industry, are terrible at marketing themselves, yet wonder why their phones aren’t ringing off the hook. How you market yourself online and in the bedroom will determine your success in securing bookings and converting those to regular clients. These are my tips from one working lady to another for netting clients and keeping them.

Be honest in your advertising: After you get some stunningly sexy photos of yourself taken by a professional photographer, you’re going to need to resist the temptation to go overboard with your retouching. Blurring your face for anonymity should really be the only drastic edit that happens to your photo because if a client turns up expecting a busty tattoo-free 20 year old and you’ve had someone Photoshop all your tattoos and wrinkles off and give you a digital boob job, then you’re not going to get off to a good start with your client and he will undoubtedly give you a bad review online. The client wants to book you – not a fantasy caricature version of what you think he wants.

Play on your strengths: When you look at profiles of other escorts in your region, it will be easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of them, so you might feel like you have to advertise on your profile that you are up for everything. Sure, it might open the field to more potential punters but if a client turns up and you’ve said in your profile that you can’t get enough of anal and you spend an hour cringing and clock watching because you really can’t stand it, that guy’s not going to come back. They key is to accentuate your positive traits in a way that will stand out as a strength amongst the other escorts around you. For example, do you give the best blowjobs in town? Or maybe love going to town on hand jobs? Awesome. Now play up those strengths in your profile.

Present yourself immaculately and be on time: Once you’ve got your advertising sorted and you’ve snagged a client, you have to keep them hooked. This one should be pretty straight forward but it needs to be said. Turn up to your booking clean, fresh and groomed. Don’t just rock up with last night’s lube crusting between your thighs. And if you do, prepare to join your client in the shower.

Be friendly: Be nice to your clients. Flirt with them, converse with them and don’t treat them like a walking wallet. Some of the men you will meet will want you to provide them with a genuine human connection. Some might just want a sexy romp, and others might want you to facilitate their most secret fantasy. Every client you will meet will have different thoughts, feelings and needs. All you have to do is listen, be friendly and convert their fantasies to reality and you can say hello to repeat business.

Trust your instincts: Always choose your personal safety over the cash. If you’re with a client and you feel frightened or they aren’t respecting your boundaries and you feel he might not be open to a reasonable conversation about it, get out of there. Make an excuse to go to the bathroom, leave his money on the bench and climb out a window. You can always get another booking later.

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By Mia

21 June, 2014

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